5 02 2009

hello i will quit this blog but im not quitting CP this blog will still stay here but im not going to update it
eat meat with salt oliball

new puffle stuff!

3 02 2009

there will be more cool stuff that puffles can do on CP startin on feb 13!They will be able to play with the furniture which is cool.also there will be a puffle party coming i hope nonmembers can gopuffle2
thats Awesome
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bye bye membership

2 02 2009

Hello i logged in today and look what i sawbye-pufflesbye-igloogoodbye-igloo
my membership is ending and i dont think ill get another one
o well
eat meat with salt oliball

sneak book peak

29 01 2009

there is a new sneak peak about the paint by letters book and its cool.it shows the front page only but it still is cool!the release date is a suprise!and also there will be hidden stuff in the books as usualsneak-book-peak
cool eh?
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new sneak peak!

27 01 2009

there is a sneak peak about the snow sport catalog and its cool!here it is!snowsport
what does it look like to you?
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my new banner

26 01 2009


 hey dudes this is my new banner you can add it to your site if you want if you do then tell me

sneak fiesta peak

21 01 2009

hey hey HEY HEY HEY there people how you doing today ?? just want to inform you that there is a sneak peak about the fiesta party that is coming!!!!!! WOWWOWOWOW
a party already??? golly dzy!! boy is that cheese or what?????????????????? whats with all the questions and all the question marks?????? god i cant stop doing that!! WHY??? ahhhh it happened again!
OK enough with the jokes lets get down to beeswax here is the sneak peak sneak-fiesta-peak
It looks like golden stairs and i think that they are on the night club!JUST LIKE on a party before!I think that its cool that the parties are so close together

eat meat with salt oliball
almost forgot that
and thats the most important part of the post